About Perth


The many centuries of history that make Perth such a fascinating place to visit can be seen in its multitude of ancient buildings.

Perhaps the most significant of these is the fifteenth century St John's Kirk, an imposing church with a large tower and spire that can be seen from across the town that is home to a number of unique ancient religious relics, some of which is nowadays housed in the Perth Museum due to its rarity and value.

Within easy reach of the town are two fortified tower-houses of note, Huntingtower Castle and Elcho Castle, both of which are spectacular constructions often used for events and weddings and are open to the public.

Other popular architectural sights within the town include the medieval Balhousie Castle, the Gothic Perth Cathedral and the early nineteenth century Scone Palace. Much of the rich history of the town can be seen in detail at the town's highly informative museum and art gallery.

As well as the beautiful mountainous and richly wooded countryside that surrounds Perth, the town also offers several excellent stretches of landscaped parkland. The two best known of these are known as the North and South Inches, both of which offer many sporting facilities alongside attractive vistas and leafy lakeside footpaths along which to enjoy the tranquility.

There are many cultural venues worth visiting in Perth including the large, newly constructed Horsecross concert hall that hosts a varied calendar of events and the charming Perth Theatre.